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Peyton Manning Leadership Quotes and Impact on our Family

George Femmer receiving award from Peyton Manning

How Quaterback Peyton Manning sent my son, George Femmer, on the Right Route We had the honor of meeting Peyton Manning in 2017. It was a remarkable brush with fame, but little did we know that the encounter would have such a profound impact on our family.  As everyone is aware (save for some opposing coaches and defensive backs), Peyton is a true class act. He was recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame after an 18-year football career.

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(UAV) Drones Offer Unprecedented Access to Dams and Bridges

Data Acquisition Technologies Offer New Angles, Perspectives for Engineering Achievement Much of what’s written and discussed about drones — unmanned aerial systems — focuses on the uncertainty of this technology. Is it safe? Does it infringe on privacy? Does it replace the expert, trained eye of a technician? Who are the pilots and can I trust them? Those elements of safety, privacy, precision and trust make each flight important. And, as we plan and take the right steps, the flight also leads

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